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Stainless steel wire mesh fence segregate the poor and rich people's region is ok for you

In guangzhou Bai Yuntong DE wai cui yue wan youdao inside the village of stainless steel wire mesh fence. Wall on the west side is the ordinary commercial housing, on the east side is mainly XieKunFang, because pay the management fee is different, 'rich people's region' pipe and the owner took a stainless steel wire mesh fence, don't let the 'slum' owner Shared public supporting community. The only inside the village children's amusement facilities, also is trapped within the rich people's region. This word like 'the wall' neo-treasure hill, unexpectedly has stood for half a year, the official evictions have failed several times. 'Be separated is not only the form a complete set, and community fire channel, the government has long been recognized, stainless steel wire mesh is the neo-treasure hill can no see signs dismantled, one thousand fires are in trouble! 'Resident hu the truth.
with stainless steel wire mesh fence to blatant discrimination and isolation of the poor, to guangzhou city image. And let's listen to the reason why the rich owner first. Reported that the west side of the wall, The rich people's region on one side) Owners believe that the east XieKunFang owner to pay the management fee is low, such as such as demolition of stainless steel wire mesh, the two sides should hand in the same management fees. Oh, the original is to sort of price difference between commercial housing and XieKunFang fee! Funny is, although the area on the ground isolation, but the underground parking garage. In fact, the neighborhood was separated and fire channel, it is no wonder that residents concern, what to do with one thousand fires. Supporting facilities, good are close to the rich people's region there, higher fees, taken for granted. Besides, the ability to excuse me a bit, let the poor be stained with a little light, and why? Who knows someone has stood up 'the wall', in the neighbourhood with a stainless steel wire mesh to XieKunFang isolation. Pull one hair and the world, but some even don't want to pull a hair, really have such a person in the world.
reported that although the developer and management company orally agreed to dismantle the stainless steel wire mesh, but met resistance, part owner and stalemate until now. The rich means to deal with the poor, the poor favor must be minimal. The results don't surprise. If things, in turn, this way 'the wall' is the pull of the poor, the rich neighbors, I firmly believe that stainless steel wire mesh must be less than the morning.

with you in guangzhou very difficult in dress and manners to judge a person's wealth and status. This is a traditional civilian city should be and always. But I don't know since when, guangzhou does more than a few money, cocky, eyes to the forehead. Now, the wall nearly hundred meters long stainless steel wire mesh with most public supporting ring in the 'rich people's region', and live in the solution of the children in the room through the stainless steel wire mesh, eagerly looked at his village children's slide.

there are individual in a city rich discrimination and bullying poor phenomenon hard to avoid. But, this kind of stainless steel wire mesh fence built blatant discrimination and isolation of the poor, the anger. Every city has its own values. All men are created equal, regardless of the rich and the poor should be fair to enjoy public resources, this should be a part of guangzhou city values. If the poor discrimination and bullying, we must stand up and speak for them. If exist among the relevant departments to the evil eye and inability to shape, we have to sound the call for attack. Excavator, where did you go? Forklift truck, where did you go? Since be illegal buildings, urban management? Now that the government had decided that were built in stainless steel wire mesh, it is illegal building, between rich and poor, if you have any difficult? This exactly is how to built the Berlin wall, what is the power to make it standing up to six months?
stainless steel wire mesh, the generating of the 'rich people's region' and 'slum' space on either side of the stainless steel net, let a person see the heart is blocked.
it is true that there are rich, some people can enjoy a great wealth brings comfort, while others can only silently bear the brunt of life without money or less money is difficult. Be but a piece of blue sky, a society, there should be no obvious distinction between the rich and the poor. Cui yue bay, the 'rich people's region' inside the tube and the owner, unexpectedly took a stainless steel wire mesh fence, will not only 'slum' ruthless out by the owners, but also dominates the originally should share public facilities in the district, the real social farce staged man.

the rich or poor, they completely equality under the law and human dignity, the rich can't because money is superior, to do everything, don't consider the feelings of others, that is, in fact, the demeaning, self-destruction image. Nowadays, there are still on the social phenomenon of hatred, to some extent, and some of the rich is too flashy and puffed up.

the 'rich people's region' in the community owner of selfishness, jaw-dropping. The emergence of stainless steel wire mesh fence, is the social strata fracture ugly display. What's more, once the block fire control passageway, traffic arteries and walls will not be ugly, but the public nuisance.
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