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Stainless steel wire mesh corrugated packing structure characteristics and advantages of __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Structured packing of stainless steel wire mesh corrugated packing is usually made of 304 stainless steel wire mesh; With several parallel assembled wire mesh corrugated sheet placed upright, mesh corrugated direction into a certain Angle and the tower axis ( Generally is 30 ° and 45 °) , two adjacent corrugated tilt in the opposite direction, so between the corrugated mesh form a mutual cross with triangular cross-section of channel network. Screen piece together with outer ribbon mesh screen band of live, to form a cylindrical packing tray. The main specifications of stainless steel wire mesh: 60 mesh 1 m * 30 m wire diameter: 0. 15MM/0. 12 mm stainless steel wire mesh corrugated packing is the countries all over the world are widely used high efficient packing, heat resistance, large gap, large flux, small resistance, high separation efficiency, etc. Especially suitable for the vacuum distillation, processing is heat-sensitive, aggregation, easy to decompose, easy knot of carbon materials. Which is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, fertilizer industry, environment protection, etc packing tower packing. Its main advantages are: high theoretical plate number, large flux, pressure drops; Low load performance is good, the theoretical plate number increases with the decreasing of gas load, almost no low load limit; Large elasticity of operation. Yi amplification effect is unknown; Can satisfy the precision, large, high vacuum distillation device must be mentioned, the diameter of the stainless steel wire mesh packing plate corrugated packing should be slightly less than the inner diameter of the packed tower 2 mm or so, convenient installation within the tower. Filler loading into the tower, the upper and lower two sets of packing into 90 mesh direction, a uniform packing in tower geometric pattern, provides for gas-liquid flow, improve the channel flow and wall flow phenomenon.
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