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by:Candurs     2020-07-18
Also is in the direction of the width of stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh on the two ends, edge processing method is different, generally divided into wrapping edges and burrs. The so-called wrapped edge is refers to the two ends of the wire mesh adjacent two nf is the cohesion, and the two warp of the burrs is no cohesion. Burrs stainless steel wire mesh: standard: 10 - 300 mesh width: 0. 914 - 2 meters marginal: burr side, demand in the application to remove burrs. Characteristics: processing speed, the price is relatively cheap. Commonly used for used for protective machinery. In the process of transfer workers wore protective gloves with extra demand broken fingers. Direct filtration, process short, permeability is good, uniform stability precision, no leakage, good regeneration, regeneration speed and device lunch, high efficiency and long use life. Stainless steel filter will not occur corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear, etc. In stainless steel wire mesh: standard: 2 - 3000 mesh width: 0. 914 - 1. Width of 5 meters spot is more, other requirements customization. Marginal: like weaving, good marginal is wrapped wire side. Characteristic: mesh is not easy to drop, solid structure, high safety features and not easy to prick the hand, wrapping wire stainless steel wire mesh is usually large, small stainless steel wire mesh, mesh wire side is not easy to drop, the weaving structure stable. High security features, stainless steel net arranged orderly, considerable strong sex, but also customize all kinds of material for the fence and metal processing. Wrapped edge stainless steel net lunch good, difficult to fade, long service life, prick the hand, weft wire reciprocating wrapped edge, not easy fade, solid structure. Lunch is applied, in used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, machinery accessories, protective nets, packaging net, barbecue net, burn oven with a net, etc.
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