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Stainless steel wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth

Stainless steel wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth

stainless steel wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth
metal cloth made of austenitic stainless steel was proved to be an excellent aesthetics and process quality, USES very diverse materials. It has a variety of decorative pattern, density, strength, transparent surface finish to choose from, for architects in all kinds of architectural decoration create a pleasing performance results provided the infinite possibility. Stainless steel wire is very attractive and strong and easy to deal with a material that can completely to meet the requirements of any design application. By courtesy of a manufacturer Haver& Assist Boecker company. Which of the following are some of the stainless steel wire mesh creative application example. Use of standard material is stainless steel, S in & ndash; Some internal decoration also USES S stainless steel.

aesthetic: north central France Notre Dame DE Chartres city's public high schools on the west wall vertical installed a large textile stainless steel wire cloth and a weathered Yang canopy structure. These features to enhance the aesthetic feeling of the school buildings, at the same time also can have the effect of weather.

security: cologne, Germany, the appearance of the airport parking garage is to use more than one called hairpin type made of stainless steel wire cloth. According to the robust and transparent decorative pattern design, it USES a special alloys containing molybdenum to corrosion.

this kind of stainless steel wire cloth used as a safety barrier, while at the same time allowing natural light to penetrate into parking garage.

indoor acoustics: German parliament building in order to improve German Berlin conference rooms and press conference the acoustics of the hall, the ceiling covered m stainless steel wire weaving ( DokaMono type) 。 The lobby in the house of parliament of a layer above, is an ideal place to watch the following process of the opening session of parliament. This special cloth, was chosen as the ceiling coverings must be solid, not affect the work efficiency at the top of the air conditioning system at the same time.

outdoor sound insulation: Germany traffic big phil Bach expressway is located in the downtown area, highway tunnel wall is a large stainless steel screen mesh with vertical tighten and renewable of illuminative of porous material, the purpose of design is to prevent traffic noise, it can effectively absorb decibels of sound energy.

transparency: from the outside, by the curved stainless steel screen made of a tubular wall is opaque, but look from the inside is transparent, for the mall customer created a secluded space, such as can change clothes here.
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