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Stainless steel wire into the factory, to start the material heat treatment; 2. Smooth handle, used to make stainless steel wire cold deformation process of chemical treatment processes and physical appearance. 3. Pickling and phosphating, because of hot rolled wire rod or of semi-finished steel wire after heat treatment, surface has a layer of hard and brittle iron oxide layer, smooth coating of iron oxide on the one hand, affect the hind leg process cannot stably combined with stainless steel wire substrate, on the other hand, when the steel wire drawing, due to the oxide iron hardness is very high, and there is no plastic, it will scratch the mould and wire appearance, moreover, iron oxide wallet in between the die wall and steel wire, increase the friction, serious when broken wires. 4. Drawing, using metal and plastic in the mold under the effect of a metal pressure processing method. Stainless steel wire in the stretching process easy break line, have mould mismatch can form break, raw material itself is bad ( Is likely to be raw material quality is bad also be unreasonable formation of the scale of the raw materials) , not smooth degree of these will lead to suspension wire of stainless steel wire in the process of produce. To avoid in the process of the phenomenon of broken wires, will be cut off from the sources, the wire incoming time is selected, each raw material to secure, the physical properties of the otherwise will replace raw materials, do each process without error. Use the correct mould, timely replacement mold, compression ratio before and after the adjustment, until normal, mold in the process of computer use, cannot without water or oil cut-off, ensure a smooth agent for each mold. Ensure that its cooling and smooth effect. Considering the temperature in winter ability ensure the normal order of the drawing
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