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Stainless steel welded wire mesh appearance is concave and convex unfair reason __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Thickness of surface oxygen of stainless steel welded wire mesh warp, both thick and thin places below the substrate metal surface roughness is different also, and pickling appearance skin of dissolved oxygen and oxygen is changed when the skin attached parts of the matrix metal by acid erosion degree is different, so, stainless steel welded wire mesh warp all appearance. That have to be in the heat treatment of heat, be sure to this evenly to form oxygen to the skin, to achieve one to, involving the following conditions, should take note: if the heating workpiece appearance depend on oil, oil of attachment parts oxygen skin thickness and other local oxygen of the skin thickness and group performance, and initiation of carburizing. Oxygen subcutaneous substrate metal by carburizing of local will strict reclaiming acid erosion. Heavy oil burners combustion phenomenon when the overflowing oil droplets at first, if the attachment on the workpiece, also very big influence on stainless steel welded wire mesh. Operating official's fingerprint attachment will have impact on work. From time to time we see, stainless steel wire net head cracking tip use fixed number of year to survive, then, how about during the welding of stainless steel welded wire mesh to avoid cracking? Deem appropriate and reasonable use of the form of welding time and preheating, start with a very close and close to the direction of the arc, and then return the arc arc pit, so can make rigid diffusion. Appropriate welding current and welding speed, also can prevent the crack initiation. Stainless steel welded wire mesh welding current limit with electrode tail red not advisable. Welding material is not the same as the material selection, can also cause crack initiation is something different. Selected carbon, low sulfur content material, at the same time, butt welding heat, or by using low hydrogen electrodes to reduce the crack of stainless steel welded wire mesh can be achieved.
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