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Stainless steel seat type network profile data

Stainless steel seat type network profile wikipedia

stainless steel mat type nets called mat type nets because he warp/weft wire diameter is different, different mesh. Reasonable collocation of wire and mesh of reach out of reach for square wire mesh filter density.
so mat type nets are filtering fine dense network, but is usually the filar silk diameter greater than the weft threads diameter.
contrast type are called contrast because than warp weft knit coarse. :
specifications. Item # # general width:. 。 M
weaving: plain weave stainless steel dense mesh, twill woven stainless steel dense mesh, bamboo flower woven stainless steel dense network, contrast woven stainless steel dense network.
material: high quality stainless steel wire
application: used in aviation, petroleum, chemical and other industries filtration
performance: has the characteristics of filtering performance is stable, fine.
application: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.
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