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304 stainless steel wire mesh in some data used in the process of selection and protection of habitual value meaning, because it contains a corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, and inductive use functions. Wire mesh products of information than the black iron wire, low carbon steel wire and wire mesh structure by using more. About the habits of various specifications to the requirement of the wire mesh, demand for 304 stainless steel screen looks bright mirror color, can accomplish through value can reach. After welding, weaving, stamping and other skills, can make the appearance of grid mesh shape is rectangular, square, round, prismatic habitual and so on the many kinds of data. If choose needed to collect for a long time, will lead to work station of 304 stainless steel surface. The dirt on the floor and corrosion. At the moment, we should choose the proper cleaning and protection work, and shall regularly to water or soap and water or soap water spray to the exterior appearance. After the brilliant colors, we need use clean dry cotton cloth twice, to eliminate the boring's influence on the function.
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