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Stainless steel net net 1 mm line 2 mm usually used in the production of 304 material. Main applications are filtered liquid filtration material or the application of standard, control material and filter the impurities in the process of the size of the block. Integrated application of the target. Excellent application standard of the key factors of comprehensive performance, can be better on the basis of application the main goal of the application goal of the display and the application of integrated embodiment of its application control standard 2 mm the control standard of the network. Network more effective application of the effective control of the choice of materials and the performance of integrated performance achieve the effective development of the comprehensive implementation standards, stainless steel wire mesh wire diameter 2 mm mesh size zero. - 5 mm line 1. The scope of using 2 mm wire should be used to screen. During the period of mesh mainly reflects the material selection. Is a high and low yield, one is the difference between the load, which fully reflects the application materials for the purpose of the application of the screen to decide to use the standard size of the basic application of the size of the size of the size of the use of comprehensive application and development space. Therefore, stainless steel wire mesh in such aspects as material, wire diameter, mesh has a different scope of application, broad scope, applicable to the corresponding specification data. And selection in addition, it also puts forward the application or the application of filter output corresponding to the application of wire diameter and the grid concept. Thus, when the stainless steel mesh filter wire diameter is fine.
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