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Parameter selection of woven stainless steel wire mesh appearance habitual refers to different types of function selection, filtering, strengthen and decorative functions required by the specification requirements from the use of some of the vocational values. To show scale parameter, and in some specifications professional has a strong habit. It is summarized on the meaning of reasonable functions based on the use of some value. Weaving process will be chosen to make noodles, has the strong function and the inductive function. Appeared in order to better use of the value of some value, should be based on some of the standard professional value is now complete. The use of stainless steel wire mesh coefficient refers to the moist air medium to use any function. In order to better habits some habitual, suitable value of the inductive function is selected according to the scale of the selected data corresponding to the diameter and thickness of the reasonable. Basis on the grid. Various habit since parameters, such as grid intrusive value, can be applied to inductive habits operation function of the principle of the use of value, such as the uniform measure of grid and grid scale. Some device to be able to reach the specification of the project, should be based on information in the network on a combination of oscillation and floating effect, inductive meaning to habits.
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