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Stainless steel wire mesh use

stainless steel wire mesh can be used for flood control, transportation, construction, or water safety net, bed or outside the network application. Due to the use of stainless steel as the material of metal mesh, make have corrosion resistance, high strength, good soft performance characteristics. Stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into: stainless steel square wire mesh, stainless steel dense network ( Mat network) Ultra wide network ( 。 。 M m. ) Wide, big wire deformed mesh, special specifications can be customized to add according to user needs processing, the other I can also make stainless steel boxes, stainless steel products such as coal washing net.

stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of top grade stainless steel wire as raw materials woven SUS L L a wire mesh deep processing products. For stainless steel wire mesh weaving method has tabby, twill, dense weaving method. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel material, the processing of stainless steel wire mesh has high wear resistance strength, long service life, the structure of the mesh precise and unified, not curly, easy to use, screen mesh uniform thickness, antistatic, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, the product with acid, alkali resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and other performance characteristics, therefore, in recent years, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in coal mine, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries as mine screen mesh.

use: stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and filter. Mainly as the oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling mesh to use. I plant production of stainless steel wire mesh for construction safety net is not easy to be cut, hard to adapt to the outdoor poor working environment, reusable, a single input can be used multiple times and reduce the cost. Stainless steel wire mesh used in water conservancy engineering, can effectively prevent the cause may river embankment washed by water, protect the safety of full reservoir river. If found blowhole, stainless steel wire net surface causes of surface porosity is due to the stainless steel C, S, Si content high prone to porosity. The solution or replace the stainless steel material, or slag series with low hydrogen electrode. Unclean welding parts are easy to produce porosity. Therefore clean-up before welding welding position requirements, rust and other dirt. More strict when using low hydrogen electrode welding. The welding current is too large. Make the lower coated electrode to become red, also easy to produce porosity. Therefore calls for appropriate welding specification. Welding current maximum with electrode tail red not advisable. Low hydrogen electrode easy absorption of moisture, so before use must be under ℃ temperature baking hour or so. Otherwise is also prone to vent. Wave welding joint porosity: using low hydrogen electrode easily appears in the weld joint surface and internal porosity, its solution: wave welding joint, should be the direction of the weld is apart from the arc pit ~ mm starting arc, arc burning, first as a reverse bar to return to the arc pit position, be fully melted forward again, or at the weld arc can avoid this type of porosity.
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