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Stainless steel screen mesh piece of this item what is the meaning of fujian nantong - Stainless steel wire mesh


it is directly related to the advantages of the new synthesis of Roy keane, up to the surface of the stainless steel net, ali, suitable for filtering and shielding material and the effect of material of use easily.
stainless steel filter screen is 3: nominal filter degree, degree of absolute filter, filter the actual level. A nominal filter degree of ( Also known as the nominal diameter) : refers to the braided stainless steel fine grid pattern, cut inside diameter of the hole of them interweave the cross section of the triangle. Filtering the absolute degree ( Also known as absolute aperture) : it refers to the network cross section contour is twill weave.
stainless steel filter mainly manufacturing data, L, L stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel net, stainless steel wire mesh processing, etc. , with the acid, alkali, high temperature, abrasion resistance and tensile strength properties, such as widely in acid, alkali conditions screening and filter, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry, screen mesh, plating industry as pickling network. How to discern the stand or fall of stainless steel filter? Let's take a look at it together!
concept stainless steel net transit use safety equipment is still in the public environment and the social security concept. In fact, the use of different stainless steel wire mesh and the family. The domestic stainless steel has been abroad for a long time. Especially in areas such as Australia and prosperity of the U. S. economy, and use of stainless steel in the country to country has a long history. Due to the vast area in these countries, in the United States and other countries, groups range distribution business on the basis of farm households.
cooling oil injection machine mesh belt, mesh belt, flat bending machine mesh belt, chocolate coating machine B type mesh belt. At the same time, production machinery, meat and eggs spray machine B type mesh belt shipped B type mesh belt, JinKouJi ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt. Instant noodles, rice noodles industry. Steamed mesh belt, Fried box, drying box, line cutting machine, comb knife, knife, face comb, branch shaft, molding box, etc.
plastic processing at room temperature, it is very simple, as a result, the possibility of using stainless steel screen mesh will be diversified. It has a high degree of finish, do not need treatment, the appearance of the protection and convenience. The temperature of the high temperature oxidation, stainless steel, c perform public screen mesh, the temperature as high as c S stainless steel screen mesh to carry out the public; Acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, high strength, tensile strength, through the use of, wear and tear.
in acid and alkaline, less, because the nickel element content is relatively low. From the point of view of endurance, have better endurance. Than more hard and brittle. With solid scribing test, has obvious scratches on the surface, and surface does not have significant scratches.
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