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Large enterprises produce screen product types grouped by producing in the process of using different screen resolution machine. It functions of products on the net by use of data is made by welding machine or in the same values within the scope of the knitting machinery. Welded mesh. Fabric network popular classification can from the square hole sieve, rectangular mesh sieve, prism mesh, etc. Various kinds of net surface is Shared. Wire mesh products used in producing all kinds of wire mesh data can manifest itself in a variety of net surface, with custom stainless steel wire, black line, low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, copper wire, aluminum wire etc. Net surface colour is red. Blue, green, orange, white, the function of the three kinds of colour, with the appearance of the screen shielding, maintenance, filtering, the value of the function of aesthetic effect. On wire mesh products, demand in different professional net surface quality and surface quality. Qualified marks indicate the product use effect on inductive effect of long service life.
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