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Filter is the best choose for stainless steel screen mesh screen appearance. Function parameters can be used to screen appearance requirements used to network level structure, in order to provide information can be used to pick and choose filter filtration process of numerical filter. There cannot be any corrosive materials, such as not clean induction technology, according to the need to use. Net appearance, specification advocated the value of the parameter selection of supply stainless steel wire mesh weaving mesh grid intrusive, so it can be very good to complete the advantage of integration with the uniformity of grid economics and wire diameter requirements on the appearance of network. In a document with the touch of mesh appearance won't attack corrosion in the process of lost. Select and filter the information they needed in advocate choose stainless steel screen appearance appear in the grid level without corrosive attack and selection process of the material particle pollution, due to the appearance of stainless steel wire mesh has strong resistance to corrosion and high temperature resistance. Has the use inductive strengths such as anti-aging. Applied to the use of different value, can be very easy to get, is combined with non-toxic, tasteless, no condom inductive function strong appearance of zinc containing stainless steel wire mesh appearance of the original data. Extend using life of inductive effect.
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