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General microspray irrigation system is composed of pumps, surface, control valves, filters, first the main hub and assuming the task ShuPeiShui, branch pipe, capillary network will supply water system, and directly to the roots of various forms of irrigation device of three some. During the irrigation device is the key to the last of the end water task level equipment. Is known as a big system of the heart, and in order to make irrigation machine normal operation, filtration equipment selection and operation function is very important. If the choice of filtering equipment error, cause is blocked, to cause a decline in uneven water distribution and the system function, constitute the whole microspray irrigation system paralysis, even so will have to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to clean the plug or reconstruction system. Stainless steel screen mesh filtration equipment five types: trash rack ( Screen) : first for the river, pond, etc are rich in large debris in the irrigation water volume, blocking the deadwood leaf residue, weeds and other large floater, etc. , to prevent debris into the pool or in the reservoir. Brief trash rack structure, can be designed and manufactured according to the actual circumstance of the water. Primary drain grating screen ( Network) Equipment is a net in the water pump inlet type trash rack, namely primary purification disposal equipment, first used in rich in many aquatic plants, such as debris and algae in water and sediment. Pool pool: them is one of the irrigation water quality purification primary disposal equipment, although it is a brief and stale water disposal methods, but he is a disposal of a variety of water purification doubt useful and economy of a disposal method, accumulation effect of pool in two aspects; The eradication of the water of solid material. When the water contains too much sediment, using the mesh filter medium and the filter will be lost by repeatedly washed effect, this case accumulation pool can be the primary filtering effect. Remove the iron material. Carbon dioxide in the dissolved in groundwater in accumulation in the pool because of the pressure drop, temperature rise and escape, the pH of the water increases, lead to iron oxide and accumulation. Centrifugal filter: ( Also known as sand respectively) First to the eradication of Wells. The operation principle of the centrifugal filter is made of high speed rotating centrifugal force of water flow attack, sand and other heavy impurities separated from water, inside it without filter, also does not have the removable parts, maintenance maintenance is lunch. Centrifugal filter the deposited sand at the bottom of the chamber is necessary to repeatedly flush, to prevent accumulation of sediment was again into the system. Proportion of organic matter or less than the impurities of water, centrifugal filter, respectively, the effect is very poor, only within the scope of the must flow, centrifugal filter talent play shall have the effect of purifying water quality.
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