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Stainless steel screen mesh is different with general mesh products. But there are strict series of mesh size. And have the object particles grading, screening function in line with the industry, agency, standard approved by the mesh products. Wipe the wall stainless steel screen mesh sieve of exterior wall thermal insulation, high-rise furring brick in the system using the corners of the net laid in anti-crack mortar. Makes the exterior wall thermal insulation brick, crack resistance will be effective to strengthen protective layer, again through the anchoring piece, wipe wall stainless steel screen mesh with fixed structure directly will transfer function of body surface load, moving load on the surface to grassroots wall, thermal insulation layer can be effectively protected, when the outside effect, damage occurred in crack resistance protective layer, and is absorbed by crack protective layer. Use stainless steel screen mesh is mostly used in construction process, and in contemporary buildings, foundations, roads plays an irreplaceable role. In addition, due to the wall with stainless steel screen mesh with good grip of between cement anti-crack mortar, reasonably improved the tensile strength of horizontal and vertical direction, improved the strength of the brick paste at the grass-roots level. So wipe wall stainless steel screen mesh reinforced structure can effectively both crack resistance and brick of unity between the requirement of the strength of grassroots, can meet the needs of the stability of the insulation system. The importance of stainless steel screen mesh, and with stainless steel screen mesh production process of continuous improvement, the stainless steel screen mesh in people's life and work will be more played a big role.
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