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Stainless steel screen mesh is different with general mesh products. But there are strict series of mesh size. And have the object particles grading, choose the function fit occupation, organization, good product specification approved mesh products, also must have its special processing, stainless steel screen mesh is through the characteristics of the heat treatment just had it. The process of heat treatment practice is to eliminate internal stress after blasting compound. Progress of plastic. But because the general stainless steel has its own rule of solid solution treatment, inevitably clashed with carbon steel heat treatment guidelines, for example, low carbon duplex 00 crl8ni5m. Heat treatment skills in the whole process of stainless steel wire mesh production down is also a key ring, by blasting after welding of stainless steel wire mesh strength, higher hardness. Plastic is reduced, not conducive to the subsequent straightening and the use requirement. 3512, 00 cr22ni5m03n under 950 y stay a long time easy to separate Fe - Cr gold between the brittle phase, serious deterioration of stainless steel and plastic, intergranular corrosion resistance and other functions, and the carbon structural steel general normalizing temperature in 890 y nearby, overtemperature of long time heating leads to coarse grains and patience. Shopping mall is the rise in steel prices information function, the level of steel prices specification content related to the main factors of steel price scale changes. Screen data information of appearance, can be used to produce data changes data information, this is the whole screen price changes of ups and downs, and it is best to demand for a long time and durable inductive parameters of net appearance data material of keane's use. The importance of demand.
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