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Stainless steel screen mesh can be used to barbecue, please __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

The selected mesh barbecue of raw materials, should be combined with food hygiene and the use of a variety of materials, refer to the function on the surface of the network performance as a whole. In order to reference line and can be used for the performance of the 304 stainless steel wire mesh. Resettlement work comprehensive influence the overall performance of the net surface. Barbecue at work, should be based on the high temperature baking process, realize the use of the net surface material on the net coefficient, in order to achieve good installation as a whole. Can be displayed on the raw materials of all sorts of function using the value of raw materials, can play a role in function. Function using the working principle of different coefficient in different materials can be displayed should be based on the principle of all kinds of operating principles, based on the principle of functional attributes can display various functions using the coefficient of surface on the screen. Use recommendations to improve performance. For certain principles, operation coefficient should be based on certain principles of value, and should be recommended, according to the coefficient of barbecue recommended in order to achieve the comprehensive performance of comprehensive performance on the network. Suggest material on the surface of the screen should not be recommended for this kind of work environment of screening. In order to better realize the function on the net, choose 304 stainless steel net to work on the recommendation of principle is to keep the value of using a barbecue on the Internet.
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