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Stainless steel rope net how complex sealing side

Stainless steel wire net how complex sealing side? We know stainless steel rope nets sealing side is also a manual sealing side, so it needs to cooperate to two workers at the same time, one needs to take knocked over a small hammer, specialized subject, another workers need to be fixed net surface, such ability can knock accurately.

in the subject at the same time, the workers should pay attention to safety. In an unguarded moment, because these are iron, may cause damage. So be extra careful. So how is it that the process of! When we roll out several people share a net surface, and then for leveling. This process will stretch even, because of the deposit when we will net surface shrinkage, which facilitates transport, not only a transportation, it need a lot of car, also it is because the net surface can stretch and contract, so we didn't so widely the application of it.

knock complex is per square meter of a stainless steel rope mesh sealing side reached more than 2000 times. This is skilled worker, to complete, if not good at beating the 4000 - 5000 times are possible. And at the same time of sealing side, but also on displacement, because open after every square meter of displacement to knock. It's even more difficult for tapping, when it will move on to the platform. This need two people at the same time, to move. Visible light is sealing side, there is very complicated.

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