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Stainless steel raw materials

Stainless steel rope mesh raw materials continues to rise? Offer not drum unit of raw materials on March 8, there is no price change of nickel ore, but guangdong stainless steel grade 304 of 100 yuan per ton, this for our products, the impact is not big, but for the owner may not mean good small new, because prices, wrapped in raw material costs, and costs have faced with price, final price positioning, probably because the price finally.

but when the raw material drop, customer for stainless steel and were afraid to store goods, be afraid influence the future sales.

so do business mainly pay attention to the stability in time, only the stability to be able to earn money. I Is not rising, the customer will immediately after ask price list

county wire mesh co. , LTD. , thanks to the new and old customers support, serve you wholeheartedly.

production: stainless steel wire mesh, animal fence, stainless steel net, stainless steel wire mesh, private networks (VPNS) nets, zoo animal cages, aviary nets, decorative rope net, protective rope mesh, wire mesh, stainless steel decorative green plant climbing ropes network, bridge protection stainless steel rope net, the stadium fence fence, etc.

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stainless steel wire mesh, is now in the domestic product supply of cities are: Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, tianjin, hangzhou, chongqing, wuhan, shenyang, nanjing, chengdu, changsha, zhengzhou, jinan, Harbin, changchun, fuzhou, xi 'an, taiyuan, nanning, nanchang, hefei, kunming, guiyang, xining, yinchuan, etc.
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