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Stainless steel printing network product introduction

stainless steel printing net stainless steel printing network and efficient plain weave stainless steel wire mesh.
printing mesh material: stainless steel SUSN, HP, L, L, stainless steel wire.
stainless steel printing network features: high tension, tension value is much higher than common polyester net, tension and high stability.
stainless steel ultra high precision printing network: wire diameter, opening is quite uniform, with low error rate.
stainless steel printing network very low elongation: under the high tension wire drawing is small.
stainless steel printing network high yield point: under the high tension, the screen will not lose elasticity by deformation.
highly wear resistant stainless steel printing network: steel wire of the wear-resisting performance is good, far more than glass fiber.
stainless steel printing network: static electricity to prevent electrostatic affect printing, the printing effect.
stainless steel printing network: good resistance to hot melt is suitable for hot melt ink, stainless steel wire mesh is of special advantages.
stainless steel printing network good solvent resistance, prevent the damage of various solvents on screen, ensure the safety printing.
stainless steel printing network USES: stainless steel wire cloth for printing plate making directly, the surface for the surface of printing products, such as glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, printing circuit, etc. Especially suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprint, batch printing, transfer printing, precision is suitable for printing.
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