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A product profile of the stainless steel printing network

stainless steel printing network product introduction:

specifications feature
our factory mainly produces stainless steel printing network ( Also called thin plain weave stainless steel wire mesh, mainly plain net)
mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh, mesh.
width is. M, m,. M,. M,. M,. M,. M, m.

the main material for L, L, and pure nickel ( N。 %) 。
printing stainless steel wire mesh mainly has the following characteristics for material accurate and stable, with smooth surface clean without dirt, mesh uniform deformation, good wear resistance.

printing stainless steel wire mesh packing requirements, strict product outer must be moistureproof paper hard moistureproof film air cushion film cylinder packing order packaging prevent the product by the impact of be affected with damp be affected with damp in transit. Parsing

PL. M*M ( Plain weave stainless steel wire mesh)
note: & other; P” Represents the & other; Plain mesh & throughout; The Chinese phonetic alphabet of abbreviation, & other; ” Said is the product of mesh is a mesh, & other; L” Represents the material, the material of the product is L & other; 。 mm” Said is the product of silk edge diameter is. mm,“ M” Said is the product of wide meters, & other; M” Is the length of the product: said.
PCN. M*M ( This kind of material is special, the model of pure nickel net model)
note: & other; CN” Is the product of the material is pure nickel N. %, is & other; Pure nickel N. %” The abbreviation of the Chinese pinyin.
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