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Stainless steel paper applications introduce - mesh specifications Stainless steel printed mesh, stainless steel wire cloth, stainless steel mesh belt

Stainless steel paper web specifications applications introduce

paper net paper product categories: silver welding papermaking mesh tube, stainless steel paper net, paper and L stainless steel net, stainless steel L paper net, HC stainless steel paper net, stainless steel paper network
material:, HC, L, L, etc.
performance: acid resistance, wear resistance, alkali resistance, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, In the environment of the degree of operation for a long time) , at the same time, smooth body, tensile strength, permeability is good, smooth operation, no trace, to guide network optimum diameter should be wide, long service life, etc. The best advantage.
specification: cylinder diameter: CM - CM

top wire, mesh, mesh ( Yard * * mesh mesh mesh mesh * mesh) Mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh in the

otherwise China: yard * yard * flat screen, such as the diameter, the M - M
welding way: silver brazing welding ( Straight welding and spiral welded)
weaving and characteristics: the square hole and rectangular hole, plain weave, twill mesh, polyester molding network, etc.
according to the weaving are divided into: three ensemble, four, five, seven heald, eight harness etc.
by type classification can be divided into: single, double mesh; By using a state can be divided into network with the network game, and good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
use: can be used for papermaking dehydration, can also be used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, rubber, cement and other industries, and filtration of liquid gas particles screened which OEM, special specifications, weaving style, width, our factory accept OEM and OEM, special specifications, weaving style, width, mesh can be customized according to user needs processing!

stainless steel paper network and said paper with stainless steel wire mesh. Stainless steel paper network is made up of a stainless steel silk woven mesh. Installed on the paper machine net, can make the water of the pulp suspension preliminary dehydration, form the wet sheet. Stainless steel wire has excellent resistance to tension, bending force, abrasion resistance and the tension.

mesh used in Intranet hole are the number of mesh per inch. Mesh less, large net Kong Yu, filtering performance is better. Newsprint, printing paper orders with stainless steel manufacture paper with pulp papermaking mesh; Typing paper with stainless steel paper network.

according to warp weave is divided into plain weave, Single classics) And reweave ( Double warp) , rib knitting ( Three classics) Sleeping and woven four classes. Most of the paper ( Such as printing paper, paper) With flat netting, thin paper ( Such as cigarette paper, capacitor paper) With mesh edges, pulp board or cardboard with came spinning a web. Because the stainless steel material performance is superior, so is widely used in papermaking industry.
the width of the paper web is often used. Meters wide paper net, stainless steel. Meters wide paper net, stainless steel meters wide paper net, stainless steel meters wide paper net, stainless steel. Meters wide paper net, stainless steel meters wide paper net, stainless steel. Meters wide stainless steel paper network. Anpingxian biggest netting wide network of stainless steel paper. Meters, the main material, L, L.
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