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Stainless steel wire mesh in use process, in the absence of surface friction, simply filter or protective due to long-term use can make in nature is not smooth surface, matt or produce rust Stainless steel will also rust) So considering the surface of the stainless steel net spray paint process, but some clients will say stainless steel net after spray paint, it is easy to fall off. Now let's analyze the stainless steel wire mesh spray paint is easier to fall from the temperature is not enough; Use good quality powder also pay special attention to, again into the stainless steel wire mesh to spray chamber, the temperature of the oven must be over 200 degrees, if the temperature is not can cause insufficient powder at high temperature melting, fixed on the mesh is not very good. Powder quality is bad; The main reason is that, the powder particle size is not the same. This will cause insufficient powder at high temperature melting, so its adsorption force will naturally become smaller. The quality of stainless steel wire mesh; The most main is stainless steel wire mesh before spraying, must be clean, the surface can not have dust, cannot have more oil dirties. If the surface of the mesh is not health may also affect the adsorption of the powder force if stainless steel wire mesh has a bleach and all kinds of acid, it is easy to rust. Stainless steel wire mesh in the exercise of maintenance can improve the life we all know that stainless steel is not rusty, this is why people like because of the cause. Many people feel rust stainless steel wire mesh is stainless steel form a layer of passivation film appearance, only the decay resistance of stainless steel, appearing in nature it in constant exists in the form of oxide, appearance of stainless steel wire mesh must be held on schedule of clean nursing, do not use the oil cloth.
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