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Stainless steel wire mesh has a rigorous working environment and storage conditions, so the operating paid special attention to the stainless steel net, correct operation make them give full play to the unique features, so as to improve the efficiency of delivery, specific storage conditions for stainless steel wire mesh are as follows. If long-term storage stainless steel net, we should be in its temperature is lower than 65%, the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius under the condition of storage, and on the shelf of the 30 cm above the ground. Keep ventilated, dry and clean, and avoid direct sunlight. Shun China transmission company remind you meet bad weather, must complete protective measures, avoid the influence of the stainless steel wire mesh products by rain and snow. Product classification in place, placed in rolls, stirring every quarter. Equipment supporting the sprocket drive roller, drive roller, rubber roller, drum of heavy machinery, heating roller, chain stainless steel net, 304 high net, 304 cleaning mesh. Automatic water transfer printing, folding, pill iron, iron fluoride work, kay Seine, UV machine net, net heat engine, dryer, screen printing machine, mesh, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in: electronics, machinery, food, chemical industry, glass, coating equipment, baking machinery, printing equipment and other industries.
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