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Stainless steel wire mesh used in transport safety protective equipment often stay in the concept of public environment and the concept of social security equipment. In fact, the use of stainless steel wire mesh is different from the family. Domestic stainless steel has been carried out for a long time in foreign countries. Especially in Australia and the United States economy vigorously, in the domestic use of stainless steel has a long history. Because these countries vast area, population distribution is widespread, in the United States and other countries, the farm is operating a family foundation. These with different living conditions in our country, so the family of the stainless steel has become a huge livelihood. In Australia, every family around the city with the maintenance of stainless steel, in the United States, many stainless steel family farm needs to maintain his family, farm and other maintenance. Beginning domestic stainless steel production in China, especially in the suburbs of the city, which is the combination of urban and rural. Use of stainless steel is also a more homework, like many rural families with farmhouse, may be important sector of the economy, such as orchards, use the stainless steel is the same. This is a high contrast. Now many villas residential use stainless steel as home security devices, this not only look beautiful, and more safety. Follow the development of our country's economy, the development of the domestic stainless steel will be faster and faster.
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