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Stainless steel mesh belt use why will break soon __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Stainless steel mesh belt general in 8 weeks after operation, the preliminary split because of nitride and carbide band. In traditional 314 stainless steel mesh belt, for example, first generally used for conditioning preheating treatment, that is, in the 870 ℃ under the condition of normal operation of air to the activity after switching to N2-28 hours 3% H2, then hold the temperature for 2 hours, then in 14 hours heats up to 1120 ℃ and the temperature is 8 hours, then preliminary sintering parts. At the moment about 3 PPM of oxygen is contained in the air, dew point is about - 55℃. ( The water vapor of which contains about 20 PPM) 。 But after about eight weeks, tape the preliminary split. This is due to the thin chromic oxide layer on the surface of stainless steel in the preheating zone is oxidation condition, after entering high as restorative, so the surface oxide is restored, but after entering cooling area, although the air, but due to lower temperature, and changed back into oxidation, oxidation again make the stainless steel mesh belt, the oxidation, recovery loop will cause material damage. In addition, the stainless steel mesh belt in high temperature due to the parts of the graphite and lubricant can decompose and produce CO, the carburizing, the CO and Cr in the stainless steel mesh belt reaction of chromium carbide, and nitrogen in the air will react with chromium as chromium nitride, the compound of the two compounds are hard brittle, made of stainless steel mesh belt life spans. Chain plate, stainless steel chain plate are both belong to the chain plate this range. Stainless steel chain plate manufacturers can say very many different kinds of chain plate, chain plate of different materials, different specifications of the chain plate, each have each characteristic in the market, deeply consumer's trust and support, and with the continuous development of the market, the customer can be chain plate according to the actual needs of their custom, but the current chain plate application prospect is very broad.
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