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Prices of polished stainless steel mesh belt scale method; The strengths of the chemical polishing, chemical polishing processing equipment investment is less, clutter can throw, high efficiency, fast speed, good anticorrosion. Defect is the difference in brightness, you need gas overflow, drafty equipment, heating problem. Mechanical polishing, mechanical polishing strengths is processed stainless steel mesh belt good leveling, high brightness. Defect is the intensity of labor is big, serious pollution and clutter parts will not be able to process, and its luster can not together, adhere to the time is not long gloss, fullness, rust. Electrochemical polishing electrochemical polishing: strengths are bright luster insist on long, technology is not disorderly, capital is low, less pollution, good anticorrosion. Defect is high polluting prevention, processing equipment disposable investment big, messy thing to tooling, for electrode, produce many also demand action method stainless steel mesh belt size price corrosion reasons; In stainless steel mesh belt anti-rust lubricating oil used in the production, the quality of the products such as cleaning the kerosene can not reach the requirements of the technology. No cleaning rust in strict accordance with the procedures in production and oil seal rustproof packaging requirements of article take part in the process of machining and assembly after the article take the antirust processing finished products. Such as ribbon contact corrosive liquids or gases, etc. Some enterprises in the use of stainless steel mesh belt of poor environmental conditions, the harmful content is high in the air, flow field is too small, it is difficult to effectively antirust processing. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers in violation of the phenomenon such as antirust procedures can be saved. As the market competition is intense, a lot of people in order to save costs, achieve the purpose of easy price to attract customers, cause a downturn of the stainless steel mesh belt, steel quality gradually. Such as non-metallic impurities content in steel on the high side, metallurgical structure deviation, etc. Now used source of band steel production enterprises more miscellaneous, steel quality fish dragon fraud.
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