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by:Candurs     2020-07-25
Stainless steel mesh belt name: stainless steel mesh belt, metal belt, metal belt, stainless steel belt. Stainless steel mesh belt use: widely used in glass products industry, food processing industry. Stainless steel mesh belt is widely due to areas such as cement, metallurgy, casting, chemical transport materials. Can be used for high temperature resistant, resistant to burn conveyor belt, belt, electronic balance tear conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant conveyor belt, etc. According to the material: 1 cr13 mesh belt, mesh belt, 201 304 mesh belt, mesh belt. 316 According to appearance: herringbone mesh belt, b glyph mesh belt, diamond mesh belt, the horseshoe type mesh belt, chain conveyor belt, mesh belt glasses form, chain plate, mesh belt, spherical mesh belt according to the brand: net chain product scope of application: food biscuit industry. Mesh belt, mesh belt, cooling injection machine bending machine, mesh belt, chocolate coating machine b type mesh belt. Production of biscuit machinery at the same time, the spray egg machine b net net belt conveyer, and meat b, ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt imported machines. The instant noodles and rice industry; Steamed mesh belt, Fried box, drying box, card wire cutting knife, the knife, knife, comb, fulcrum, molding box, etc. All kinds of frozen food and vegetables dehydration assembly line equipment with stainless steel flat chain. Chip removal chain. Conveyor chain, mesh belt, shaft, etc. Glass products industry: glass annealing LuWang, roast flowers LuWang, lose bottle machine mesh belt, Mosaic, mesh belt, specifications have crankshaft, straight shaft, the diamond type, double helix. Made of mild steel A3 or DCY13 heat-resisting steel, ICY18N19Ti, steel, oor18Ni14Moo2Cu2 acid and heat resistant steel, etc. High temperature furnace material conveyor mesh belt as usual as the 310 s, 314, resistance to high temperature of 1100 ℃ or more.
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