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Stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in our days will often meet all kinds of stainless steel wire mesh products, can be used in a variety of environments, then under the environment of high temperature is what to do about the job? Stainless steel thermal conductivity is poor and want to use a long time for heating, uniform temperature to make the workpiece from the center to appearance, temperature uniformity at low temperature is poor, it is necessary for preheating. Austenite size critical austenite stainless steel thermal expansion deformation of stainless steel heating, cooling, attack, so when choosing fixture, heating rate and cooling way to all want to consider this. Appearance finishing stainless steel appearance right adhesion have sundry or oil and so on, looks after the heat treatment condition and corrosion has a great influence, so the appearance of truth before heat treatment is more important than other steel grade. Heating atmosphere carburizing or nitriding, stainless steel if attack would harm its corrosion resistance, even some carburizing or nitriding is grim. And will affect the future of pickling process, the value of the products is the meaning of the resolution, therefore, manipulation of the atmosphere in the furnace is very important. In addition, the stainless steel heat treatment, the manipulation of the grain size is also important. Also often watch for heat treatment and corrosion, brittle link.
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