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Stainless steel filter screen what need to be aware of

This paper introduces the problems that should be paid attention to in stainless steel wire mesh filter. With barbed wire screening drugs is the goal of many people, but just for the sake of health. Filter selected all kinds of medicinal herbs to treat human body all parts don't feel well, A cold, diminishing inflammation, analgesia, etc. ) , demand for the corresponding drug treatment, so the selection of filter should be chosen in the process of drug is not easy to corrode, high wear resistance of stainless steel raw material mesh filter of stainless steel wire mesh produce drugs to the health of the people play a promoting role. Stainless steel wire mesh filter in making all kinds of purity be especially careful to have effect, there are many species such as the common cold, but the price is different is the key to extract is not the cause of purity, which affect the effect. The results show that the high mesh filter of stainless steel wire mesh is the * * * of pharmaceutical enterprise, galvanized wire mesh material cannot be used cheap. Zinc is a kind of harmful substances to human body, should be avoided. The body needs iron, but not with barbed wire filter drugs. Perhaps iron and certain drugs. That's why TCM warned the patient not to thousands of iron used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
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