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In the industrial art progress today, we cannot leave the stainless steel piece of help. So, today we will give you introduce a little bit about the use of stainless steel pieces. The facilities belong to flammable thing, so particular attention in the process of delivery, installation and operation, can not be close to the fire. In order to ensure it can exert the best effect, shall guarantee the operate in the background of the ventilated, dry. Before applying to seizing facilities satisfactory, whether the inlet pipe, a drain contact if revealed leakage is likely to cause damage to the facilities. Facilities before installing seizing the state of the machine, must use accurate volume guarantee line. About protection of facilities, the former needs do things according to the actual shipment status and customer's requirements to the plan. Use the things can not include corrosion resistance in the background. In order to ensure it can display the normal rate, you must apply under appropriate temperature and moisture. If the air is cloudy areas use, can consider problem by adding a layer of filter in it. If in the process of using revealed no matter any questions, please take the combination of professional maintenance from those positions, don't remove to make their own decisions. In the process of use do not follow where the device removal, if need maintenance to early cutting power, so that I may not indispensable damage accidents happen. Facilities of the unique place, compact structure of the preset closely, functional diversification, superficial, filtering effect is good, can complete topped self-cleaning filtration, helps to reduce the suspended solids content of raw water, and the use of special material, use fixed number of year long survival.
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