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Stainless steel barbecue net testing method (metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

First, distinguish with magnets, magnet can base on the difference between two kinds of stainless steel barbecue net. Because chromium stainless steel under any state can be attracted to a magnet, chromium nickel stainless steel in annealing state is generally no magnetic, after cold working, some will have magnetic stainless steel barbecue net. But the high manganese content in the high manganese steel is non-magnetic; Chromium nickel nitrogen stainless steel magnetic is more messy? Some nonmagnetic, some magnetic, some longitudinal surface non-magnetic stainless steel barbecue net and horizontal surface magnetic. Therefore, a magnet can chromium stainless steel barbecue net and chromium nickel stainless steel base differences, but can't correct difference some special properties of steel grade, even can't divide the specific steel grade. Second, stainless steel to identify the potion, the first is to lunch customers to identify the various kinds of stainless steel barbecue net material, its biggest interest is dragged out first how much the content of chemical composition of stainless steel. The medicine water droplets in the stainless steel stainless steel barbecue net, in 1 ~ 2 minutes to discern the stainless steel material. 10 s red is 201 material, 20 s red is 301, 202, 30 s red is the same red is 304 material. Anyway, when we buy stainless steel barbecue net products, pay attention to the products of the factory inspection certificate of quality or quality certificate, want to notice to the merchant's promise, and don't covet is cheap. Necessary time is still to take potions test yourself!
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