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Stainless stainless steel wire mesh how and under what circumstances are easy to rust protection

Stainless stainless steel wire is formed on the surface of a layer of a very thin and fine and stable solid rich chromium oxide film ( Protective film) To prevent the oxidation of oxygen infiltration, continue, and ability to resist corrosion. Once you have some reason, the thin film has been continuously destroyed and air or oxygen atoms in the liquid will constantly infiltration or stainless stainless steel in the metal atoms to separation, forming loose oxidized stainless stainless steel, metal surface are also constantly rust. The surface membrane damage in the form of many, see more of in daily living has the following several kinds:
1. Stainless deposited on the surface of the stainless steel contain other metals attached or heterogeneous metal particles of dust of the content, in the humid air, attachments and condensed water between stainless stainless steel, will both together as a micro battery, triggers the electrochemical reaction, protective film is damaged, to call the electrochemical corrosion.
2. Stainless stainless steel surface adhesion organic juice ( Such as vegetables, noodle soup, sputum, etc. ) , under the condition of water is oxygen, organic acid, organic acid to for a long time and are on the surface of the metal corrosion.
3. Stainless stainless steel surface adhesion containing acid, alkali, salt substances ( Like to decorate the walls of caustic soda, stone splash water) , cause local corrosion.
4. Where there is pollution in the air ( Such as contains a lot of sulfur, oxidation of carbon, nitrogen oxide atmosphere) , encounter condensed water to form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, liquid, chemical corrosion.
the above situation can be stainless stainless steel surface protective film damage caused by corrosion.
to ensure permanent light metal surface, don't be rust advice:
1. Decoration stainless steel surfaces must often swabbed clean, remove attachments, eliminate the cause of external factors.
2. Coastal areas to use the material 316 stainless stainless steel, 316 material corrosion resistance to sea water.
3. Some stainless tube stainless steel chemical composition on the market can't conform to the corresponding national standards, amounted to less than 304 material requirements. So can also cause rust, which requires users to choose reputable manufacturer product carefully.
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