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Stainless stainless steel water depth should pay attention to when buying

Has high low-grade stainless stainless steel, the main difference is that the corrosion resistance. Although stainless stainless steel will not corrode the hole, but will be a dark, affect beautiful, and difficult to clean. A, decorate experience:

sink drawing sink the most practical are generally buy stainless stainless steel. There are three kinds of stainless stainless steel surface: dull, matte, mirror.
1. Drawing ( Also known as frosted) : there is a fine and clear surface of the silk road, the show is the essence of stainless stainless steel, the most durable.
2. Matte ( Also known as the sandblast) : the surface is bright and clean but not reflected the bright light, the advantage is not stained with oil, the disadvantage is that not wear-resisting.
3. Mirror ( Also known as the polishing) : surface smooth as a mirror, can according to the people. But the most easy to scratch, and trace cannot eliminate, use for a long time the most ugly.
no matter which kind of stainless stainless steel, do not use stainless steel wire ball, otherwise leave scratches.
2, decorating tip: choose single or double basin, according to the habit to
there are two main types of sink style:
1, single pot: basin is big. Now has a length of more than 90 centimeters long basin, the price is more expensive.
2, double basin: how to lash basin, the basin is used for washing, auxiliary basin used to soak.
basin or double pay a lot of people don't know. If the cabinet is lesser, had better pay basin. But also depends on personal habits, if you like the food when washing the dishes all bubble in the water, had better buy a pair of basin. Because every single basin water injection will take a long time, time also fee for water. Now there is a single bowl sink, there may at any time remove the basket of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, it's convenient to use.
single basket, basin with drop is similar to the double basin
3, decorate fraud detection: a recruit identify quality
stainless stainless stainless steel stainless steel has many types, such as 201, 202, 301, 304. The biggest difference is that these materials, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance of 304 best, 201 the worst, of course the price difference is very big also. Poor quality stainless stainless steel, the use of time longer will surface discoloration, increase the rate of hang dirty, easy to corrode, easy to breed bacteria.
it is easy to distinguish the quality of the stainless stainless steel also, on taobao for $10 or $20 to buy a bottle of 'stainless stainless steel measuring liquid'. It is also called 'stainless stainless steel testing potion' 'manganese detection box' 'manganese test fluid', etc. Test method is: keep stainless stainless steel surface clean without grease; Determination of drop drops after removing coating, observation color changes; Compare the color of the stainless stainless steel or red time, determine the stainless stainless steel models. Four, decorate action:
in the identification of five kinds of stainless stainless steel after
on determination of drops, different stainless stainless steel will have different reaction:
200 stainless stainless steel ( Fake 201). Red: 5 seconds or so, after 10 seconds will like than those of the color red.
201 stainless stainless steel ( Authentic 201). : 50 seconds, the red will like than those of the color swatches.
202 stainless stainless steel: 1 minutes to become red.
301 stainless stainless steel: 3 minutes or so red, color is very pale, look carefully.
304 stainless stainless steel: 3 minutes also didn't change, may be dark, but not red.
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