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King kong mesh wire netting selects the stainless steel wire surface protection adopts electrostatic spraying treatment has the very high rust, damage prevention ability, JingJian, resistance to impact to 2. 148 tons, shearing, resist damage ability is stronger. Do you know kong network access method? Inventory: is to make the balance of market demand and supply. Relevant market regulate the worker to try to closer the distance between production and sale. Useful way to deal with the inventory is fair food market activity, such as promotion, righteousness, experience method to take dynamic sales, regulate inventory pressure. Inventory: is the acquisition of batch and produce batch cyclical, intrusive and order frequency is inversely proportional to the inventory, merchants can through cuts in batch purchase, increase the channel order to decline the inventory. After together, also can defend kong net yarn net ordering cost or add produce batch method to adjust the stock capital. Safety stock, in order to avoid surprises, and individual information demand order early. So that can accurately acquisition time to save money. In the prenatal good within the time period, the data into the library, avoid because of the influence of raw material capital inventory turnover of funds. In road inventory: drop in road inventory useful method is to shorten the production and distribution cycle. This requires enterprises to choose the outstanding supplier and the shipping company, the king kong net yarn net moment of carrying forward. Together will also be able to rely on the information, choose the appropriate delivery address and payment method.
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