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Should be used according to actual situation to choose the right material crimped wire mesh

In numerous screen product crimped wire mesh is most specifications, one of the most used material, net Kong Xiaoke small to the few orders, big can to 3, 4, 10 cm thin wire diameter, such as hair, coarse can finger, 1-6 meters, the width of the material can be stainless steel stainless stainless steel wire, stainless stainless steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, in theory, any metal SiDou can make crimped wire mesh. Thus the purpose of the crimped wire mesh is very extensive. For crimped wire mesh can be high selectivity, so some customers or manufacturers have fluky psychology, expect low price material can replace the material of high prices, such as anti-rust, always want to use 304 instead of 316201 instead of 304, galvanized wire instead of 201, in the high temperature resistant, for example, take any chances, maybe can save 310, 304 s, especially the low-end some material basic can meet the requirements, the use of on-line with high temperature, 1000 degrees using the environment, should make the 310 s, why not to say in 304, maybe not just use broken, can be used as long as you say not clear, risk is very big, WanYiSanTian two bad not do more harm than good, overload condition using security is also a problem. So when choosing crimped wire mesh is not have fluky psychology, to select the most appropriate. After some clients that use the environment, in principle, should use some kind of material, really want to use other material, ask if we can feel, estimate how long with no problem, you hear from us may be hoping to promise will use reassured, this commitment, we can't give a but said out of the question is not clear, the best is according to the material attributes of the decision.
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