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Should be how to identify qualified stainless steel mesh? - Stainless steel wire mesh


should be how to identify qualified stainless steel mesh?
stainless steel wire mesh characteristics: with a strong corrosion, wear resistance, long service life, etc.
so when we buy, how do we identify qualified stainless steel mesh?
and surface phenomena: the grid should be uniform, hot dip galvanized wire welding galvanized layer should be uniform, to ensure that the anticorrosive effect.
, stainless steel mesh on both sides of the outcrop should not exceed MM, this is a kind of qualified stainless steel mesh. The diameter of the wires and parallel through to the welding is firm, but the edge of the wire welding wire, can be welding is firm, but not too much, is generally not more than qualified mm mesh.
, the tensile strength of the stainless steel mesh should reach N, otherwise will be unqualified stainless steel mesh. In this regard, there is no simple way to test the tensile strength of the welded mesh, only through professional tools, experts test to test, we are no longer here.
and line diameter should be controlled in the error. Mm. We buy wire diameter, for example, to line of stainless steel mesh, use a micrometer to measure diameter, diameter range is lines. Within this range is qualified stainless steel mesh. Because the accuracy is high, but in the process of production no one can control it well, can to the mesh. Mm, so the margin of error.
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