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this is because many people don't know is that inner cover stainless steel net needs to clean up, some people think that only need some surface like now, because the cover can be pulled out, then make the lampblack machine within. This view is one-sided, it is a good machine is always used in the last few years the hood also have some remnants of flue gas from the phenomenon. Well, the best thing to do is regular cleaning at this time, they can be cleared of stainless steel net exhaust hood are necessary. But with clear inside, so it can be six months or a year of professionals to help clean up.
longyan, changsha, stainless steel mesh belt is broken how to meet
according to any machine in transition pulley pawl valleys. Practice proves that the horizontal rope type stainless steel wire mesh and the lack of strength, at the start of the pulley from forming stainless steel net force is too large, resulting in stainless steel net tear tape, pulley music music and drum head can be completely deal with the title.
putian benxi stainless steel wire mesh: how can you get tensed
air quality will be in the wind speed is high, drop filter attenuation rate is the highest value of rapid purification ability, has the motor and the impact on machine, they will be dirty air stream delivery to the room, so it is the first condition of safe and durable. Consider to choose cost-effective lines.
chuzhou stainless steel net how do Christmas tree tied
learning through various color method of chemical oxidation coloring oxide film in a specific solution, with chromate method, the method of mixed curing method, the acidic and alkaline oxide oxidation. Generally 'Yin Ke method' ( INCO) Use more, but the color number in order to ensure cooperation products, it must be with the reference electrode.
hunan stainless steel wire mesh specifications and how to write the
if we store stainless steel net for a long time, we should put it is stored in the % about degrees Celsius temperature, temperature and under and placed on the shelf above the ground cm. Keep ventilated, dry and clean, avoid direct sunlight. Hue transmission company remind you to take protective measures, prevent wire mesh stainless steel product is affected by the rain and snow.
chaozhou stainless steel mesh belt damage to do
filled in are usually made of stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh stainless steel structure; With multiple parallel vertical corrugated direction of corrugated sheet screen assembly, with columns axial meshing Angle ( Usually a ° and °) , corrugated tilt in the opposite direction of two adjacent, between the corrugated web, in order to form a triangular cross section intersect each other through the channel network.
how chengde stainless steel wire mesh specification says
in the practical application of the stainless steel mesh, there are many factors will destroy our non-chrome passivation of the stainless steel screen mesh, which changes the state of the passivation of stainless steel to active status. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The chloride ion. The chloride ion to the harm of the stainless steel mesh belt. In the process of passivation, should strictly control the passivation solution, the content of chloride ion in used for passivation of chemical material requirement for the chloride ion limited.
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