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Different produce technology of screen surface structure and application of grid method and different features of operational process demand of network structure appearance is different. Any machinery to produce the required warp yarn and weft yarn diameter must be arrived at the request of the net surface is smooth production and operation. Set up the comprehensive quality inspection standard inductive rules, to purchase what I need different net surface numerical means by the numerical aperture structure and processes of the vibrator required. All-round, a wide range of weapons selecting, filtering, maintenance, breeding, such as building, wall use environment. Net appearance of operation in production technology, can by using the screen appearance is said that it is best to welding and weaving mesh scale basis on different levels of the meaning of using net appearance. Selects the stainless steel mesh, galvanized mesh layer and the principle of 65 pieces of manganese steel screen layer, choose different data such as screen layer made of different materials, can be summarized using the specification, the net surface are summarized.
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