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The area of the filter, it is important to use material and filtering level. The area, the greater the purification efficiency, the better, the more efficient the more expensive; Level is higher, the filtration efficiency, the better, the more efficient the more expensive, this is certain. And use of materials is one of the most important, first filter quality must be guaranteed, because the filter is generally thin, in the case of intelligent adjusting wind speed. Air quality will become a bad wind speed is high, the attenuation after purification filter ability will rapidly up to the highest speed, has influence on motor and machine, will also be sending a steady stream of dirty air to the indoor, so let's first condition for safe and durable. Comprehensive consider to choose cost-effective. May filter itself has taste, filter mould will sour; Also may be the environment out of the window is faulty, when fresh air filter was brought in, see if there are any open Windows, if out of the window not remind you should change the filter. Household air systems tend to have four layer filter, respectively, the early effect, the effect and high efficiency filter and activated carbon filter. Early effect filter: it is made from white non-woven folding, folding sections, the area several times amplification show, filter area is large enough. The function is to filter out of the role of the larger particles in the air. As a primary filter it, can effectively prevent the large particles of dust in the air to enter the body. Effect of mesh: quality is light, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, structure, strong and durable; Use made of folded filter cotton, aluminum frame and agglutination, big filter area, more let dust, dust particles into the air by filtering material effectively block between the fold and fold, can effectively filter more than 5 um particles in the air.
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