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Screen mesh, metal wire woven mesh, mesh GB5330 standards

Screen mesh, metal wire woven mesh, mesh in line with the GB standard

metal wire weaving square hole mesh is mainly used for solid particles screening, fluid filtration, as well as dustproof, decoration, frame, etc. Metal wire square hole mesh according to GB standards, and equivalent international standard ISO standard production. Metal wire weaving square hole mesh is divided into R, R, R/series, mm mesh size. mm。

wire weaving dense mesh is mainly used for gas, liquid filter and other media use.
metal wire woven mesh according to mechanical professional industry JB/T standards organization production, the standard reference to adopt international standards ISO / - metal wire woven dense network of weft densely arranged, by adopting the method of plain weave and twill weave. Wire weaving dense mesh, basic aperture blocking degree for ~ & mu; m。
metal is weaving dense mesh with high quality brass, pure nickel, stainless steel wire woven for carefully and high precision of the filter.

abrasive industry standard grading sieve according to GB standard, and follow the standards of ISO/production, plain and twill weave structure, mesh size series R, R, R etc are, for the mesh size. mm。
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