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Screen mesh and the calculation method of the mesh screen mesh products

Screen and the calculation method of the mesh screen mesh products

screen mesh and ore screen mesh products the inner diameter of the mesh method to calculate the following ore screen mesh, μ m) ≈ 。 / is refers to the screen mesh, the measuring unit mesh size refers to the raw material particle size, general with a maximum length of particles. Represent the standard screen mesh size of mesh size. In the standard screen Taylor, a mesh is. Cm ( Inches) The mesh number, length and mesh for short. Note refer to mine screen mesh and stainless steel screen mesh product use.
Taylor standard screen is made according to the international standard: Taylor screen scale indexing based on mesh mesh size. Mm, take or divided by the main module of root ( 。 ) N ( n=,,… … ) , you get a coarse or fine mesh size, if the number of four root ( 。 ) N to the power to multiply or divide. Mm, you can get a series of mine screen mesh dividing a finer mesh size.
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