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Screen defects term

Screen defect terminology

screen defects term holes in pieces

caused by mechanical damage in the process of weaving weaving type of comprehensive destruction, it constitutes the main defects.

the mixer weft (half Parallel)

one or more root enough range of weft silk weaving the net of the main defects. Pieces

light way

metal wire woven mesh a uniform up and down the length of the weft yarn of main defects. Pieces

jump wire

screen on a length of weaving weft wire constitute the main defects. The loose pieces

the warp line

the longer than adjacent the warp warp of main defects. Pieces

weft wire loose line

than adjacent weft wire long weft wire of main defects.

mixer fissure

on the screen by the length of tear constitute the main defects.

note: tear typically occur near the edge.

pieces warp loose way

in warp direction, a single quamnet hole of the main defects.

mixer with the loose way

distribution along the weft direction of several pai quamnet hole of main defects.
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