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Screen common terms

Screen common terms

screen commonly used terms. W
mesh size in the middle of the projection plane position measuring of two adjacent warp or weft wire (the distance between See image below)

mesh size, wire diameter and pitch

. Wire diameter d

the diameter of the wire on the wire mesh screen.

note: wire diameter may vary slightly in the weaving process.

. Pitch p

the distance between two adjacent wire center line;

is nominally w mesh size and wire diameter d (the sum of Pictured above)

. The warp

woven, online all of the vertical wire.

. Weft wire

woven, online all horizontal wire.

. The number of unit length hole online n

on a given unit length line of continuous mesh number of the count.

note:. Mm length of mesh count, that is, mark & other; Mesh & throughout; And no longer use.

. Opening area percentage A

in the whole screen, table surface all mesh area percentage of the total screening area.

the basic size mesh w square and basic pitch p = ( w + d) The percentage of the ratio of the square, rounded to the integer value

. Weave pattern

the warp and weft are intertwined with each other.

note: industrial metal braided with plain or twill weave mesh ChengFangKong ( The following figure weave pattern)

. The stability of the metal wire woven mesh to

mesh fabric silk interwoven with soundness depends on the warp and weft wire intertexture between tension and coupling strength; It is material tensile strength w and the influence of the ratio of d and weave pattern.

the quality of the square meter weight per unit area ( Square hole) = wire diameter & times; Wire diameter & times; Mesh & divide;
square meter weight ( Lp) = ( Weft wire diameter & times; Weft wire diameter & times; The number of weft + nf diameter & times; The wire diameter & times; The number of root) ÷

. Network block

from a roll of the Internet in accordance with the provisions of side length, Angle and radius of cut off the screen.

. Net article

from processed in accordance with the provisions on the standard network roll of length and width of the width of the screen capture.

. Main defects

the effects of mesh size or larger screen surface quality of manufacturing defect.
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