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Scientific view of the corrosion reason of the 304 stainless steel screen mesh _304 stainless steel screen mesh _ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

by:Candurs     2020-07-17
304 stainless steel screen mesh appear rusty reason, may be the environment factors of chlorine ion. Using the environment has too much chlorine ion. Chloride ion widely exist in salt, sweat, water, wind, soil and so on. If the production or use existing in the environmental corrosion of chlorine ion can lead to materials. Without solid solution treatment could also lead to rust, principle of description is the alloy elements are not integrated into the substrate, lead to low alloy which affects the corrosion resistance of material to rust. Not join titanium, niobium metal elements, principle of description not to join the above elements, the material itself will be unstable, leads to intergranular corrosion and rust. In order to prevent these phenomena appear, it is suggested that often wipe, remove dirt, keep clean and dry, to ensure that the element content of material is necessary. In this paper, by the 304 stainless steel screen mesh factory, this article views do not represent the views.
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