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Questions about the stainless steel crimped wire mesh specifications

As to the specifications of the stainless steel crimped wire mesh in many here say a few words, want to use the customer, the company of friends, outlets friends help, manufacturer, outlets, the company, is the use of customers is our ultimate customers, often use the customer is the most don't understand of product attributes, so some time can't the customer request us to do we will do, received from the data of the customer drawings, according to the drawing cannot be ruled out to the customer data due to the careless mistake, crimped wire mesh screen mesh and other wire mesh products have the difference, as far as possible specifications also make unreasonable, not like welded wire mesh, with the specification limits, more than just can't do, stainless steel crimped wire mesh is different, can do, as long as give specification is reasonable or not reasonable, such as 2 mm wire diameter, hole 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, can be made, where the key is to use, can not use, reasonable unreasonable, sometimes use customers don't understand the product attributes, feel fit, remember once a customer will ask henan 2 mm wire diameter 20 cm hole crimped, ask him what to do with, a circle with pig, this is not a joke, how many pigs have to run away, just this specifications, the pig is a little hard arch 20 cm hole can arch into 40 cm, but he doesn't know, thought the hole is the same. So our factory outlets company has the responsibility to give customers the right guidance, by the way when customer ask USES, believe that customers will not be too wordy.

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