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Qiqihar stainless steel screen mesh can sieve soy - how many purpose Stainless steel wire mesh


used in some materials used in the value of reference material, shape can show a stainless steel net, depending on the various properties of use value, the index may include kneading various material selection of stainless steel wire, the work can be displayed in a standard product, surface has great nickel-based index for a longer time.
this product is on the sheet metal perforated stainless steel net punching through physical CNC punch press, which it must be a lot of hot stamping will occur. Damage and distortion blunt needle plate, so we intervention in the metal cutting fluid in meshing city overview of stamping process, not only can play the immersion cooling and lubrication of metal does not rust, and maintenance, three times as much as it is a good solution.
in the life of many disadvantages, such as pH, temperature, etc. This is to be used in according to the national index production, long life, get rid of the shortcomings of the general network selection, joining from many companies to develop high-tech, first choice now. Using this method is also very fast, don't need maintenance personnel often to save a lot of manpower and money, so the choice of stainless steel wire mesh is so many advantages.
but a lot of people play a role of stainless steel stainless steel crimped wire mesh to know many is never rust, actually otherwise, the reason is that the surface layer of passivation film, more came to oxide form in nature; That is, of course, through the use of stainless steel condition is different, is not the same degree of oxidation, but was eventually oxidation.
stainless steel wire mesh production process is divided into the following six process, each process is very important. Introduced the production technology of stainless steel wire mesh: according to the network environment, realize the steel raw material net demand for raw materials under different conditions are different. If the stainless steel net is only required to meet the stainless steel material, cooling conditions generally can choose or. If the raw material can choose or stainless steel wire mesh, if it is resistant to high temperature.
when products have slight corrosion, must use water, skin glue to clean. When the test steel has been measured again, it should be replace by local or wipe clean original test site. When the negative wire has clean by electric battery, to prevent interference. Above is the knowledge of stainless steel screen mesh, can be expected, in order to help you.
stainless steel mesh stainless steel screen mesh products classification and USES stainless steel mesh is divided into the following three categories of the stainless steel screen mesh, ordinary stainless steel screen mesh: the most commonly used preparation methods are widely used in industrial production and civil life, its main characteristic is the radial and transverse density of the same wire diameter.
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