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the different characteristic of the stainless steel mesh is mesh metal content is different. Filter is used to filter tiny particles. Particle size. MMMM, filters play a leading role in the screening process. Although mesh, wire mesh and galvanized mesh material properties are different, but they are in different environment plays a different role. The mesh of the mesh of the same features with the same function of specific performance is the same.
jiangmen yiyang stainless steel mesh belt yellow to do
this kind of damage is often without any warning, the damage is very serious, tend to be disastrous. Stress corrosion cracking is the prerequisite for roughly three special environment, it must be subjected to tensile force; The poor quality of stainless steel net itself.
kunshan dingxi caigang watts stainless steel net
how about how to remove the surface, and attached to the stainless steel screen mesh on the surface of the white acid stainless steel net rainbow pattern. Immediately wash with water, soaking in ammonia or neutral fizzy soda solution in the solution, and then use neutral detergent or hot water washing. Rainbow pattern, which is caused by excessive use of detergents or oil, the surface of the stainless steel wire mesh can be used in warm water and detergent washing is washing.
the aral stainless steel mesh belt how to adjust the
now, whether in the industrial production and operation, such as food processing industry is still in the transport process materials such as coal, stainless steel wire mesh is very common in the use of the frequency. But to ensure that relevant personnel assumption and then use the stainless steel mesh belt in the process of role better use of the word, they must be good at shooting action.
xinxiang changxing stainless steel net like
I value level corresponding to the type of sleep, high and actually show better instructions, some specifications corresponding habit I the type of noodles, better hate is better than my two tanks pool types.
which is stainless steel wire mesh fence to do
screen commonly used stainless steel corrugated packing model and the function, stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh packing as filler, filler metal wire mesh, corrugated plate corrugated packing packing and rolling. The main advantage of the corrugated cardboard packaging wire mesh: specific surface area, high porosity, light weight, high efficiency packing; Small skew gas channel, the traditional gas flow, low pressure loss, low filling pressure; Good radial diffusion of steam.
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the wear can be divided into three types: metal component surface contact and movement of the collision between the wear and tear; Other metal or nonmetal material impact abrasive wear and gas or liquid on the surface of the metal contact with the metal erosion wear. Wear resistant steel wear resistance depends on the data itself, and wear resistant steel under different working conditions show different wear resistance. The data itself can determine its wear resistance and working conditions.
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