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mesh is woven production of stainless steel. Sometimes, there will be a little in the woven mesh, this is normal. Sometimes, stainless steel mesh just put into the machine, the machine has not been debugged. Stainless steel net volumes of some surface will not flat, there will be waves on both sides. How did this happen? How to deal with? The personage inside course of study is generally called 'lotus leaf edge'. Reason is just boot the machine, the machine tension control is not good, and the tension is too small, it is a very common disease network.
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people feel rusty stainless steel screen form passivation film of amorphous phase, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is splendid, it is in the form of the oxygen, the natural world of constant, amorphous phase stainless steel wire mesh necessary recovery, held in accordance with the clean cloth without oil.
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option to include the different levels of the type of network technology, including a reasonable level value is the value of the network. The number of technical operation not vomiting. According to the number of the network, the specification is the norm. Due to the habit layered value network corrosion, high temperature resistance, aging bowl according to the surface.
how to quickly determine stainless steel net mesh in lanzhou
for a long time, the fence all aspects in our day. Whether in the office, classroom, hospital or at home, always supply stainless steel wire mesh, ensure the safety of people, but the quality of different manufacturers of stainless steel net is different. Here are some advantages of stainless steel wire mesh.
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what you know about stainless steel net application, but now I think it's not too late. We will learn about the application of stainless steel net. Metal pipeline transmission, high temperature heat treatment furnace network; Stainless steel wire mesh; Transmission network; Tunnel kiln mesh; The Great Wall net; Drying net; Tuzhuang equipment net; Spraying equipment net; Cleaning machine network; Food; Food chain plate cleaning.
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screen complete material: stainless steel,,,, L, L wire mesh stainless steel wire by:. Mm mm wire mesh standard: a plain net eyes; Twill weave mesh stainless steel wire mesh: plain weave, twill, compact weaving method. Because the stainless steel material itself, the processing screen from stainless steel with high wear resistance strength properties.
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stainless steel equipment and parts in molding, assembly, welding, weld inspection ( Such as inspection, testing) Markers and construction process, the surface of non-metallic dirt, grease, rust, low melting point metal pollutants, paint, welding slag and splash, its main purpose is to prevent the corrosion and rust. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends mainly on the surface passivation membrane. If the film is incomplete or flawed, stainless steel mesh will corrode.
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